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Railing Systems

Nowadays industrial and institutional buildings as well as office blocks are almost exclusively constructed with flat roofs. Only in few cases these roofs have guardrails. The professionals working on these roofs therefore need a safety system that prevents them from falling down.

The product range of 6 fürs Grün TopRail offers diverse safety railing systems for collective protection on roofs. The DRS guardrail is also suitable for public available roof terraces. In comparison to other systems 6 fürs Grün TopRail and the DRS railing system are only fixed by ballast. Both systems do not have to be fixed to the roof. This is one of the definite advantages to other railing systems. During the installation of TopRail respectively of the DRS railing system no drilling and no penetrating of the waterproofing membrane is necessary! The roof construction as well as the parapet remain untouched.

Both systems - the 6 fürs Grün TopRail railing system as well as the DRS railing system – can individually be adapted to the local specifics of the building. Due to diverse accessories (gates, wall connections or corner elements) also special requirements can be considered. Our planning team prepares an installation plan and a list of the required material.

Send us the drawing of your roof-site with dimensions by e-mail. We will plan your railing system!

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