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Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs offer several benefits for people and the environment. The main benefits are: Green roofs extent the durability of the waterproofing menbrane and also improve the thermal insulation of the roof significant. Therefore green roofs have positive effects on maintenance costs.

Extended Durability of Waterproofing Membrane
Green roofs provide an effective protection of the waterproofing membrane against UV rays, hailstorm, heat and frost. Tension caused by high fluctuation of temperature is avoided by green roofs. This generally increases the durability of the waterproofing membrane of about 15 to 20 years.

Rainwater Retainment and Cost Saving
Depending on the set-up green roofs can retain up to 90 % of the annual precipitation. Most of the water evaporates. The rest is discharged with delay. With a green roof sewers, pipes etc. around the house can be planned smaller. Depending on the sewage regulations even sewage fees can be saved. In Germany green roofs are accepted as compensation for soil sealing.

Improved Thermal Insulation
Some green roof systems can meanwhile officially be taken into account for thermal insulation effects. Generally green roofs improve thermal insulation in winter as well as in summer.

Improved Microclimate / Creation of Habitat for Animals
In urban areas green roofs effect an improvement of the microclimate by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. The air cools down and humidifies. This has positive effects to neighbouring residential buildings or office spaces. Also for small animals like for birds and butterflies valuable habitat is reclaimed by green roofs. Studies affirmed that green roofs help significantly to improve the biological diversity.

Reduction of Dust and Pollutants by Green Roofs
Green roofs filter 10 - 20 % of dust from the air. Each square metre of an extensive green roof annually redounds to bind up to 10 g/m² of particulate matters. Pollutants in rainwater and air get bounded and retained. An extensive green roof can capture 800 to 900 g/m² of CO2 after only three years.

Flood Prevention by Green Roofs
Green roofs provide flood prevention by retaining rainwater und minimising the discharge peak during rainfall.

Improved Quality of Life by Green Roofs
Green roofs in the surrounding living or working environment sustainably improve the quality of life of each individual. Therefore it is used as large-scale design element by urban and landscape planners. Especially in urban environments the reduction of noise pollution by green roofs redounds to the health of the inhabitants.

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