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Pins for Artificial Turf

Pins made of steel (20/16 cm), bevelled on both sides. For additional circumferential fixation of artificial turf.

Available in bags of 10 pcs or boxes of 500 pcs

Adhesive Tape

For use in smaller areas without bigger requirements.

Available in rolls of 0,12 m x 5 m

Adhesive for Artifical Turf

Two-component adhesive for professional installation of artificial turf.

Available in pails of 3 kg or of 13.2 kg

Seam Tape

For professional installation of artificial turf.

Available in rolls of 0.30 m x 100 m 


Siliceous sand 0.3/0.8 mm, fire-dried, round grains. As infill for artificial turf.


PU-bonded elastic layer made of rubber granules. For spreading forces over the installation surface and for levelling of minor unevennesses of the underground.

Available in 6 mm thickness and in rolls of 1.25 m x 15 m


Elastic layer made of 100 % polyethylene foam. Due to its closed-cell structure it ensures high elasticity all over the year. For spreading forces especially under artifical turf on playgrounds or sports areas with low fall heights and for levelling of minor unevennesses of the underground.

Available in rolls of 1.50 m x 125 m or pre-cut


Elastic and drainage layer made of polyethylene flakes coated on one side with PP fleece. For spreading forces on non-drainable surfaces and for installation on playgrounds and under sports floorings.

In system set-up GreenTec 25 mm ensures protection according to HIC up to fall heights of 1.30 m, GreenTec 45 mm up to fall heights of 2.10 m.

Available in boards of 0.90 m x 2.25 m

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