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Steel Lawn Edging

Our step-proof lawn edging RK-FF-175 is made of galvanised steel. It offers professional solutions to create borders of lawn areas, pavements and paved surfaces. Both straight and curved edges are possible.

The top edge is only 2 mm wide but strong enough to walk on. It forms appealing edges that also satisfy high aesthetic demands. The simple plug-in system ensures a quick and proper connection of the elements.

The lawn edgings can be applicated without a bedding. They get fixed with brads which are included in the scope of delivery.

Material: Hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel

Length:  2000 mm

Height:   175 mm

Width:    19.5 mm

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Polypropylene Lawn Edging

This lawn edging is made of high-quality recycled polyproylene. It is suitable for straight boundary of lawn areas and flower beds.

The convenient size of 1 m cares for an easy application of the lawn edging. The slidable aluminuim profile on the top edge ensures a straight alignment even over long distances. It also effectuates a visually appealing result.

The lawn edging should be fixed in a concrete foundation.

Material: Recycled polypropylene

Length:  1000 mm

Height:   185 mm

Width:    10 mm

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