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Versatile Intensive Green Roofs

WE 60 and WE 60 UG - The Versatile Solution

Our WE 60 system for versatile intensive green roofs

Planting: Trees, bushes, grass, herbs, perennials

Growing medium: Intensive substrate Hydrotop-I, application height 25 cm

Filter layer: Quality fleece PP 200 g/m², GRK 3

Drainage and water storage board: WE 60

Protection layer: Geotextile Standard PES/PP 800 g/m²

Our WE 60 - The Versatile Solution - is the ideal system for intensive green roofs with a high varity of plants. You can let your imagination run wild. Thanks to the extremely high water storage capacity of the drainage and water storage board WE 60 you can combine trees, shrubs and perennials. Our WE 60 UG drainage element is slotted on the bottom side. It makes it easy to combine the green areas with paths, patios, parking areas or emergency access roads.

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