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Mole Barrier

Mole Grid

Although the European mole is an absolutely useful animal most of the gardeners feel disturbed by molehills. The mole usually lives in depth of 10 to 20 cm and builds a tunnel system of up to 2 000 m². These burrows care for a proper aeration of the soil. In winter or in dry summers the mole withdraws to depths of 60 cm locally even up to 100 cm. The mole solely lives on animal food. Several times a day it searches for its prey in the widely ramified tunnel system. In doing so the mole eats large quantities of worms and insects and larvae that harm roots. During one year a mole might thus come up to 20 kg of insects.

The German Federal Nature Conservation Act prohibits to prey, to catch, to hurt or to kill the mole. Only deterrent divices to chase the mole are allowed. It is recommended to provide a habitat for natural predators of the mole (e.g. owls, common buzzards, storks, martens). However, often this is not possible.

Our mole barrier is a particularly strong geogrid made of extruded HD-PE with firmly welded junctions. It has a weight of 495 g/m². Nevertheless it is flexible and can easily be cut and applicated. With a mesh size of 11 x 11 mm the mole can't pass through but water and roots can do.

Resistance: Resistant to all aqueous solutions of salts, acids and alkalis occurring naturally in the soil. 

Colour: Black

Dimension: Rolls of 2 m width

Accessory: Steel pins for fixation to the ground

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