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Garden Pro / Garden Basic

Set-Up of Artificial Turf for Decorative Areas

Infill: Siliceous sand 0.3/0.8 mm, fire-dried, round grains
Quantity about 5 kg/m² (with Garden Basic about 5 kg/m²)*

Type: Garden Pro, 40 mm high (Garden Basic 35 mm high)*

Base: GreenLastic, 6 mm

Subbase: With subsoil permeable to water no certain subbase is necessary; otherwise lava 2/12 or crushed stone 8/32 and crushed stone fines 0/5, layer thickness 20 cm

Fire behaviour: According to building material class EN ISO 11925-2, Cfl-S1 with about 5 mm infill of sand, Efl-S1 without infill of sand

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Garden Pro  - The High Quality Turf for Gardens
Garden Basic – The Beautiful Turf for Gardens

There is nearly an unlimited range of applications for our different types of artificial turf. Artificial turf allows for an all-season green garden without any bigger efforts and is thus pure sense of well-being for body, mind and soul. 

Whether for decorative areas on your balcony, on patios, next to the perennial bed or just as alternative to nature in your garden - thanks to their natural appearance Garden Pro and Garden Basic always convey the impression of a well-maintained and mowed turf. The pleasant soft feel of the surface makes Garden Pro and Garden Basic also perfect for use as barefoot area around the swimming pool.

With an infill of sand of about 5 mm height Garden Pro and Garden Basic obtain fire behaviour Cfl-s1. Thus Garden Pro and Garden Basic are professional solutions for balconies and patios in gastronomy and for all other surfaces where fire class behaviour according to EN ISO 11925-2 is required. 

Garden Pro with its long, tight and soft filaments meets highest demands to optics and haptics and is the "English turf" in our product range. Garden Basic with its slightly shorter but also tight and soft filaments is a beautiful alternative for your garden.

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