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Coco Fabric

Coco fibres constist of nearly 45 % of lignin which makes them very tensile, strong and durable. Besides these features coco fibres are also resistant to algae and fungal attacks. Our coco fabric is solely made of high-quality, chemically untreated coco fibres.

Due to its high tensile strength our coco fabric is especially suitable for erosion control on hillside situations. It does not start to rot before about 3 years. So coco fabric can be applicated wherever the vegetation does not completely cover the ground in the first year and does thus not take over erosion control.

The meshes of the coco fabric reduce the flow rate of the effluent surface water. This effect allows storm water to percolate slowly into the ground. The fabric therefore should thouroghly be fixed with pins to the ground to ensure a maximum contact to the ground. This also prevents from elutriation.

As coco fabric dries quickly the close-mesh versions can also be applicated for bank protection.

Weight: 400 g/m², 700 g/m² and 900 g/m² with different mesh sizes

Accessory: Wooden pins or steel pins for fixation to the ground

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