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Challenging Intensive Green Roofs

DWS 80 - The Intensive Solution

Our DWS 80 system for the most challenging and highly diverse intensive green roofs

Planting: Trees, bushes, grass, herbs, perennials

Growing medium: Intensive substrate Hydrotop-I, application height 25 cm

Filter layer: Quality fleece PP 200 g/m², GKR 3

Drainage and water storage board: DWS 80

Protection layer: Geotextile Standard PES/PP 800 g/m²

Our DWS 80 system - The Intensive Solution - is a real all-rounder for intensive green roofs. DWS 80 is ideal for all kind of plantations even for bushes, trees or palms. It also provides a solid base for patios, driveways or paths. So our DWS 80 covers all scopes for creating a roof garden.

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